Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Can I do anything right?

Linda and Denny, Larry's sister and husband are here for the Rose Parade. They came in yesterday and the Bishop sent me with a hand drawn map to the Long Beach Airport to pick them up. It was dark. So, I drove there OK and picked them up on time, but coming home was a nightmare, attimately it was my fault. There were no directions on the map as to N or S or E or W. So, when we went back to get on the freeway, I didn't know which way to take, so Linda suggested we go North. (it was the wrong way) and we ended up in Torrance on Artesia Blvd. I finally got on the 91, took the carpool lane and made it to the 57 N. However, I wasn't paying attention, and passed Lambert exit, so I went on to Diamond Bar Blvd, where I turned around. Bottom line, I can't drive well.
Larry criticizes me when I drive too.
Today he criticized how I park.
He told me to get him a sign for his door, and he wasn't very nice at telling me he doesn't like what I made for him. I didn't save the receipt from Sears so he could see how much I paid for his clothes, so when he took them back with the gift receipts, they gave him a lousy time and he ended up paying some. I screw up names on signs. I pass gas at the wrong time. Then I get an email from my oldest son telling me that I am scaring his kids by telling them about the state of our Country. Well, I'm passionate too, and right about now I'm so passionate that I'm about to throw up with all the criticism coming my way. Just everybody back off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone! Here is the Bishop and I on Christmas morning waiting at the top of the stairs just like we always made the kids do. It was fun. I don't think I have ever grown up when it comes to Christmas. I love decorating, giving gifts, receiving gifts, the lights, the busy stores, the cars looking at our lights, walking and being amazed that our neighborhood goes all out every year. Christmas time makes me feel ALIVE and I love that feeling, when it seems the world is right for just a little while. I keep a positive attitude during this time of year, and it never seems to get me down.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I have nothing to do!

Well, here it is December 21st and I'm pretty much bored. Gifts are done and given. Cookies are cooked and delivered. Christmas letter is written, but not addressed yet, but I have no desire to do it anymore. So, I go onto the blogs hoping that I will get some stimulating information about my grand kids, but Lisa is the only one with any time or desire to post anything. My husband is now in meetings most of the time, or if not, watching football. That's not my thing. I should clean up my office, or the garage, but my hip hurts and I don't feel like it. No, I'm not depressed, just venting some feelings I have at this moment. There really is a lot to do, I just don't feel like it. Tomorrow I go back in for my 3rd and last Epidural for my pinched sciatica nerve. The wind is cold and wreaking havoc on my outside Christmas decorations too. Maybe I'll just go to bed. Good idea, good night.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The 4th Wiseman- Bishop Rober

As you can see, a few changes have taken place around here. Last Sunday Larry became the Placentia 2nd Bishop, our children were here for our early Christmas get together and he played the part as a wiseman the day after our kids left. I think he makes a pretty cute wiseman. The costume was borrowed from Joe France in the Brea Wards and it was a beautiful piece of work. In fact I have never felt or seen fabric like this before in my life. I must get out more.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Oh My Goodness! Larry finally took my nudging and outlined the entire house in lights!!!!!!! WOW! It looks wonderful. Thank you, Thank you honey! We sort of changed a few things around this year, but today we spent the entire day putting out the Outside lights, candy canes, lawn lights, Christmas Tree, Peach on Earth sigh, Soldiers, Candles, poinsettias, Candy lights, front porch decorations, Soldiers and Bells. Tomorrow is our day of rest. We'll tackle it all again and hopefully finish up on Monday. I'm pretty tired tonight. When we finish, I will post a photo!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009 50 min 25 Sec

It started off a really beautiful southern California morning, crisp, but bright and beautiful. Best of all, I was with part of my family. Here I'm so glad at just being alive! Pam, Me, Larry, Peter, Kelly, Brian and Savannah did "Martha's Kitchen 5K Run", at 7:30 am I might add!

It is wonderful to be able to exercise with my honey! I'sn't he handsome?
Savannah came along for the 5K walk/run too. We couldn't leave her home!

Showing off our Muscles! We are ready to go

This is me (with Larry right behind me) crossing the finish line. We finished several minutes before the other walkers (Pam and Kelly). We were only beat by the runners, Peter and Brian. Ricky was the designated driver for all of us. He also took these photo's. Got to love Ricky!

After the Run/Walk, we came home and started cooking. Got it all ready and into Crock Pots (9) to keep food warm, it was really a good idea. Pam and I outdid ourselves on food. The older we get the better the food tastes. Turkey, gravey, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoe Crunch, Creamed Spinish, Creamed Corn, Dressing, Rolls and relish trays. Now, I'm full, satisfyed and ready for a nap.
Before I lay down, I want to let everyone know how thankful I am for an Ancestor who celebrated that first Thanksgiving with the Indians, so very long ago. That Ancestor is Frances Cook. We all owe him a very big thanks for all the sacrifices they had to go through. Thank goodness they didn't have computers, or maybe we wouldn't be here now!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh, the agony and ecstacy of it all

Today, I had to go back in for another epidural in my spine. I feel sorry for Larry as he has to take me to all these Dr. appointments. On the good side, Larry and I got back our 'yearly physical' stats and all our everything tested either is in normal range or went down! Our colesterol is in the GREAT zone for bothe of us. Even my iron levels were in the normal range! and I have lost 2 dress sizes, I'm into my size 10 clothes again! I haven't seen 135 since, well for a long time. I feel wonderful, better than I have since being a tom girl in grade school.

Kids, eat your hearts out, dad and I may outlive you yet! We are spending your inheritance as fast as we can!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Today, I was starting to put up Christmas Decorations. I love Christmas and it could be all year as far as I'm concerned. I found an ornament with Brian's 1st Visit with Santa Clause, he was 9 months old, and it seems like just yesterday. I don't know why mom's always remember the 1st kids big moments better than the following kids. They were all special to me and I remember little things each of them did really well.
Like the time Lisa was about 3, and under my foot in the kitchen. I was scrambling around until Larry got home, and he liked dinner right away, anyway, I wasn't paying attention to her because she was playing so well. Then, just as we started to sit down to dinner, I walked back into the kitchen and saw BUGS crawling all over the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I about DIED! I screamed and ran for the broom and dustpan, I just couldn't imagine how so many sow bugs got into my kitchen so fast! As I started sweeping them up and taking them outside, I hear a whale of a cry "NOOOOOO! Mommy, they are my babies, don't hurt them, please don't hurt them, I was just putting them all to bed in the drawer, that is my little house for them". Please don't hurt them, mommy, please don't!" I think I traumatized her that day.
Then, there was Mark. Who for no good reason, would not talk! He wouldn't even say momma or please or anything, he just jabbered in his own language and thought everyone else could understand him too. The only one who even pretended (or maybe she did) to understand him was Lisa, so Mark used to talk to Lisa and then she would relay the message to me, because she could talk really well. By the time he was 5 he did start to talk a little bit, but was always the BIG DUMB SILENT type, if you know what I mean. We never knew what he was thinking because he wouldn't communicate it to anyone. Then I told Mark to dice up an onion (he is 5), so I sat him down at the table and he proceded to cut the onion. I went back to cooking. The next thing I know, there he is with GOGGLES on his face, over his eyes, so the onion wouldn't burn his eyes. What a smart idea, why didn't I ever think of that? Needeless to say, he is still really smart and now a nerd of the 1st degree.
So I do remember all my kids and some of the little things they did, just not all the firsts they did. But, Brian I still remember. Does that make me a bad mommy?

Sunday, November 8, 2009


What I mean by that is that I'm having a terrible time with 'change'. I don't mean getting older either!

For some stupid reason, the city decided we needed a 'new' entrance into Eagle Hills from Lambert and Sunflower, SO THEY CUT DOWN ALL THE TREES EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's UGLY and I can see all the way up into Carbon Canyon now! UGH!

To top that off, they closed down the Desseret book store that served Orange County! No explanation, just closed it down. NOW WHERE DO THEY EXPECT WE WILL GET OUR LDS SUPPLIES? Probably off the internet - but I WANT to see what I'm buying before I give up my hard earned money. Is that too much to ask???

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Doing the Grandma Thing

Last weekend, Larry and I went to Mark and Lisa's to help celebrate Kameden's 3rd Birthday. It was really fun.

This weekend we just got back from Brian and Kate's home. We actually went up the coast for a reunion of old Oil Guys that Larry worked with over 40 years ago, they had a wine tasting and a golf tournament. It was fun. Then we stayed over and had a sort of Birthday party for Grandpa, he will be 62 on Tuesday. We also went to a soccor and football game. Then our grandchildren were in the Primary Program at Church and Brian was conducting the meeting, we couldn't miss that. So, we hightailed it back from SLO to be back for the rest of the P4 meeting and my Sunday School Class.

Next weekend you will find us visiting Lisa and John and their 3 adorable boys. Lisa has promised me a turn at serving in the School carnival, a soccer game and Trunk r treat. I can't wait.

It's really good to be retired and able to go visit all our kids and grandkids all in one month without really blowing up our own schedules! Life is good.

Oh, yea, just to keep up to date, I had to buy a new skirt for Church since we didnt bring up any Church clothes, and I bought a size 10 and a size 8. For those who don't know I was wearing a 12-14. I feel very good with my new life style change and I don't miss the sugary sweets I used to indulge in.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blogs and Blog Makers

Today Larry and I are at Brian and Kate's home. Lovely home, well organized, full of fun and love.

Kate showed me a couple of 'books' she had printed out of her blogs and I laughted my head off, all the way to my tummy (again) because I'm sure I did it the first time too.

Girly is a good blogger too! Probably the most consistant out of all of us in the family. I laught all the time reading her blogs too.

SB needs to catch up although I understand her involvment with the 'school' thing she must do with and for Kamden.

What a perfect way to look back on the day to day doings of the family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't mind if everyone would give me books of the different years of the blogging they have done. It' would keep me entertained for hours and out of their hair.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Life is back to good! The epidural I got in my spine took the pain away and now I can walk, jump and run. However, it might come back, so the Physical Therapy I am in right now is amazing. The Physical Therapist took an hour to access me and see what was wrong. She came up with a statement that makes sense to me: "For some reason, your hips don't move like they should". Gee, I wonder if that is why my OB GYN Dr. screamed at me during labor with my first child Brian: "We have to do a C Section, your hips aren't separating to let the child down, it's in distress!" I think I see a pattern here, mmmm...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have a pinched nerve that really bother's me. Luckily I went to the Orthopedic guy that Larry went to and he had an MRI done and he showed me it's only a pinced nerve, but OUCH! So, tomorrow I go in for the first of 3 shots into my spine, they call it an Epidural. Last time I had one of those, I was birthing Mark! Then I get to go into physical therapy for 6 weeks into traction. Meanwhile, he says I can still walk and keep myself getting into better shape. So, let's all pray for me to get better, I still feel good, but, oh, the pain when I get up in the morning or after sitting down for a while, ugh!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I feel good

Not only do I feel good physically, but I'm getting myself somewhat stress free too!

I have a large family history Fair this Saturday in Chino, and they have me scheduled for 3 lectures that had to be revamped into or updated into Power point. They are done!

My cousin, Judy Braxton had given me a book of the Braxton descendants that still lived in NC and so I finished inputting all of them into my genealogy program. So, that's done!

Next, I must prepare the finished product for my client, Sara. She has been a wonderful client to have, very generous with time and understanding. I'm going to give her the best finished product I know how to prepare, and I'm going to use the "Family Histoy" padded notebooks from Desseret Book. When that's done, then it's time for Christmas and after Christmas, then I have another Client to start work on, but I'm not going to start that until after the 1st of the year.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My take on General Conference

Wow! What a great two days of being uplifted. I hope everyone who could, listed to Conference, or at least videoed it so you can listed to it later.

I can't think of any one thing that I felt, except that God really does love me and knows me, I believe that He accepts me for all my faults and that if I keep trying to improve myslef, He will make me better than I could be by myself. So, I will keep trying.

They talked a lot about love, anger and repentence. I wonder if they were talking about me??? After a a little refelection, I believe they were.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Did someone ask What else can happen?

Well, today was a GREAT day, although, on my way to pamper myself in getting a pedicure, I suddenly felt my front tooth and it felt GONE. Not completely, but the whole back part! Since my dentist is 4 stores down from my pedicure place, I stopped in to see if I could get an emergency appointment. Dr. Olsen himself came out to see me and said he would do it right now if I wanted to do it then, so I have a new or fixed front tooth. The really, really funny thing is that at that same time, Larry was sitting in his dentists chair getting his front tooth fixed that had cracked when we were in SLO at Ashlynn's baptism.

This all could be worse, so I'm really looking on the bright side and snickering.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"itis" - ugh

I can't explain how tired I am of 'growing'. I know that there is "opposites in all things", but give me a break!

Here I am trying to get myself healthy and in shape and the first problem that cropped up was a severe pain in my left hip. It was so bad, I couldn't walk. I found out I had Bursitis. A shot of cortisone fixed that problem.

I was good to go for about 2 weeks.

Then I started with the same pain in my right hip. I went into the Dr. before our Hawaii vacation and got another cortisone shot.

It didn't work, so the problem has been getting worse as time goes on. I'm fine AFTER I get up and walking. But, after I sit or lay for more than 15 minutes, I'm back to being crippled when I get up. Now the pain goes from my sciatic nerve to my ankle, right down my right side.

So, I go back to the Dr. And now I get to have an MRI, because he is pretty sure I have arthuritis in my right hip which is pinching a nerve. So between Bursitis and Arthuritis, I'm an 'itis' mess.

Bottom line, don't get old.

Monday, September 28, 2009


That's Body Mass Index in case your wondering. I really do have a new lifestyle and it's paying off in more ways than one.

When I started this (about 4 or 5 weeks ago), all I knew was that I HAD to get my body healthier, which in turn would make me happier, not that I was unhappy with how I looked, because I wasn't, it was because of how I FELT! I had aches and pains I have never had before (bursitis), I couldn't bend or contort like I used to without pulling a muscle so bad I had to be in bed for days. I couldn't open jars or cans or lift water bottles anymore! I could see that I was going to be in a wheelchair before I turned 60 if I didn't do something about it. So, the first thing I did was go to the Lord in fervent prayer about my concerns. Then I went to bed.

The next morning I woke up with EXAXTLY what I had to do. I had to start walking again, with weights. AND I needed to find someone who could help me understand HOW to exercise and stretch properly. So, I went for my first walk (in 3 months, my normal walk is fast but only lasted 1/2 hour on Monday, Wednesday & Friday- unless I had something else better to do). While I was out walking I saw a sign in the Liquor store parking lot saying "Personal Trainer, call for a free evaluation XXX-XXX-XXXX" So I called and went in for an evaluation. I met Dave Gibson at that time. He is the nicest guy, and so knowledgeable. He charges $65.00 per session and he sells either 10 or 20 sessions. Well, I KNEW I had to do this. I went home and talked to Larry and he reluctantly agreed that I could buy 10 sessions (AND THAD WAS ALL 'WE CAN'T AFFORD IT" I started working out at Athletic Unlimited with Dave Gibson, and he is only a half a block away from my house.

When I started, I had a print out of: (this is embarrasing) On 10 Aug 2009
Body Type: Standard
Gender: Female
Age: 57
Height: 5 ft. 2 in
Weight: 149.1 lbs
BMI: 27.3
Fat %: 38.9
BMR: 5558 kj
1329 k cal
Impedance: 577
Fat Mass: 58.0 lbs
FFM: 91.o1 lbs
TBW: 66.61 lbs
Desirable range Fat %: 23-24%

Today I had the same weigh in and here are the results:

Body Type: Standard
Gender: Female
Age: 57
Height: 5 ft. 2 in
Weight: 144.61 lbs
BMI: 26.4
Fat %: 36.9
BMR: 5478 kj
1309 k cal
Impedance: 560
Fat Mass: 53.41.0 lbs
FFM: 91.21 lbs
TBW: 66.81 lbs
Desirable range Fat %: 23-24%

I am convinced that eating correctly is the key to my getting healthier and building more lean body muscle which in turns burns more calories even as your sleeping. Dave insisted that I purchase a book called "The Clean Eating Diet" by Tosca Reno. This book is EXACTLY what the 89th section of the D & C is all about, in an easy to follow way for lamebrains such as me and dad.

Well, today was my last day officially training with Dave, but Dad has taken my place and is going to purchase 10 sessions. Dad has been walking on his own for about 2 weeks now and eating clean with me. We both are feeling much better and stronger and have a clearer mind. My ability to multi-task is slowly coming back. I also don't have to take excedrin in the morning to wake up! I wake up on my own about 6:30 am and I am anxious to go walking which has turned out to be 6 days a week for 1 hour each day. I even climb up Wildcat way during my walk. By the way, don't anyone in my family go and purchase the clean eating book, you are all getting it for Christmas!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Vacation from Sweetc's viewpoint

First of all, THANK YOU to my sweet daughter, Girly for making my blog so cute!

Now, if you have looked at Dad's blog, you can see all the wonderful and marvelous things we saw and did. What dad forgot to tell everyone is that I got a sunburn that has blistered and the really, really scary part is that I didn't ever 'lay out'! We walked around some on one of the days in our bathing suits, like from one pool to the next to go down a slide, and I snorkled, but I didn't do anything that should have resulted in the severe sunburn I got. I actually have a thousand small blisters on the top of my shoulders and my back! Ow, it hurts. Now, it you think that is all, think again! One our way home, dad dropped me off at the airport check in while he went to park the car. This was 8 hours before we got on the plane, we thought it would be a good idea to check in the luggage and then go see the Maui Volcano Crater. So, he hands me the tickets and I get out my driver's license and then some guy says that I have to put our checked bags through some agricultureal screening machine. OF COURSE, the men that are scanning aren't allowed to help you pick up your bags, no, every little old woman must lift her own bags. Well, I finally got them into the scanning machine and then went 10 feet to the other side of the machine and retrieved our 2 bags. Then I went another 10 feet to the check in kiosk where I proceeded to read the complicated touch screen check in menu. Right then, dad walks up and says good job, as I hand him back our boarding pass tickets, I noticed I only have the 2 papers in my hand, WHERE IS MY DRIVERS LICENSE???????????? It's GONE! No Joke! Dad and I started backtracking our 20 feet from the curb and asking everyone if they saw a driver's license? We too over and hour looking and talking to security and everyone who would listen. The bottom line is My Drivers License is Gone! I don't know if someone saw it and picked it up on purpose to steal my identity or if someone picked it up accidently to return it. So, now its another unscheduled trip to somewhere I didn't need to go. UGH!

Monday, September 14, 2009

On the Go again

Well as you can see, we did Knotts Berry Farm with Lisa, John, Caleb, Davis and Beckham! We also had a sort of Family Reunion for Ashlynn Marie Rober's Baptism Day, it was wonderful
Sometime during the Weekend Grandpa found time to wrestle with all the boys!

And then we got to take them all to the park, where we had a grand time!

Just in case you haven't been informed, Caroline (Me) now has a personal trainer and is using a book called the "Eating Clean Diet". I have lost 2 pounds and 2% body fat! I use weights when I walk and I am feeling better than I did at 30!
Now Larry and I are on our way to Maui, so see you all later!

Monday, August 31, 2009

4th of July Photo's

This is Davis! Love that smile
This is Caleb and Beckham, you can tell their brothers, good lookers too.

This is Lisa and Kamden

This is Mark and Kamden

This is 3 of my grandsons have a ball in the jacuzzi: Caleb, Kameden & Davis

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I love Sundays

Today I had a 4 hour nap. That was after I organized Sharing Time for Primary and got my Lesson ready for my class. It was after that when I just zonked out. Our Sacremant meeting was about keeping the Sabath Day Holy and Naps fit right into the schedule. I think the Lord is wise to (suggest/command) us to take a day off. Some of us would just keep going until we burn out completely. Hope you all who read this blog will take advantage (if you can) to do the same thing.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Ruling for the Atheists

In Florida, an atheist created a case against the Upcoming Easter and Passover days. He hired an attorney to bring a discrimination case against Christians, Jews and observances of their holy days. The argument was that it was unfair that atheists had no such recognized days. The case was brought before a judge.. After listening to the passionate presentation by the lawyer, the judge banged his gavel declaring,"Case dismissed!"

The lawyer immediately stood objecting to the Ruling , "Your honor,how can you possibly dismiss this case? The Christians have Christmas, Easter and others. The Jews have Passover, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah, yet my client and all other atheists have no such holidays."
The judge leaned forward in his chair saying, "But you do. Your client, counsel, is woefully ignorant."

The lawyer said, "Your Honor, we are unaware of any special observance or
holiday for atheists."

The judge said, "The calendar says April 1st is April Fools Day. Psalm 14:1
states, 'The fool says in his heart, there is no God.' Thus, it is the opinion of this court, that if your client says there is no God, then he is a fool. Therefore, April 1st is his day. Court is adjourned.

You gotta love a Judge that knows his scripture!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to Work

Yep, summer is over for me. I spent 4 solid hours going to get a DC at the Norwalk Office of Records for LA County for a client of mine. There is nothing easy in So Cal to get or do!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Organizing Mania

No Joke. I have been super busy this past month with vacation and organizing. First off, Lisa and John finally took out the Tent Trailor, which started a two week project of cleaning out, getting rid of, organizing and re-configuring our garage. It's a thing of beauty and we can get a car into it- finally after 35 years of marriage and 3 houses later.

Then, my poor father got moved (by my sister) into a beautiful facility, but he is in the lock down unit for his own safety. Meanwhile, I get a ton of boxes that mush be gone through that Pam and Rick just threw together. Some I could use, some is e-bay material and some went to DI. Now, that is finally finished. We got Dads whole CD collection, about 4o0 music CD's. That had to be organized and gone through, so that precipated reorganizing the family room too. The best part about what we got from my dad was a coffee table that lifts up into a table!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so jazzed to be able to set my new laptop on it and type away while in front of the Boob Toob.

Friday, July 31, 2009

New Computer

My dear old laptop computer was having issues. Serious issues. It was driving me crazy. So, my dear, sweet, adorable, handsome, patient, honey of a husband took it in to the laptop Dr. Meanwhile, he freely shared his laptop with me. My man is quite a man. While there, he saw this beautiful laptop computer for about only $200 more than it would have been to get my clunker laptop fixed. And, he bought it for me. Now, I am enjoying loading it with everthing I desire and meanwhile, honey sits down at it and makes it more interesting by makeing it so I can see my desktop computer documents on my laptop computer here or anywhere else I want to be. So, no transferring of files, just go and get em!

On another note: I just spent 2 days child sitting Kamden while Lisa and Mark went to a concert. It was an enjoyable couple of days! Kam is learning so much and is the sweetest child I have ever known besides his father. I would go out anytime they asked me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lost in the Redwoods

Today we hiked through Jedidiah Smith National Park. We did really well for old foggys, but at one point I asked Larry, "Where are we, are we lost?", he answered without even a lost beat saying, "were not lost, I just don't know where we are yet". That is a classic! We had a great time!

It was an interesting de ja vu without kids to constantly be guiding throught the woods, answering questions an saying "come on Mark, keep up honey".

Thursday, July 9, 2009

OUr 4th of July Weekend

It was so fun having Lisa, John, Caleb, Davis, Beckham, Mark, Lisa and Kamden here with us to swim, and just hang out. I know I should put up a picture, but if you look at Dads blog you will see all you need to see. The kids were darling and so good. Kam is doing really well and is interacting with his cousins so much more! Beckham kept looking at me and smiling, he must think I'm funny looking.

Lisa and John took the tent trailer out of our garage, and so for the past 3 days, I have been cleaning it out from top to bottom. Every cupboard, box, nook and cranny, the lights fixtures, the fridge and everything else in there is getting a good clean out. I even took inventory of our Food storage situation and we're pretty good, as long as the Garage stays standing. If not, well, we have a few granola bars in our back packs.

As usual, Lisa 'forgot' a few things, so now all I have to find are her tweezers. I found the lens cap, underware, childs shirt, brush, and sleeping bag, so I will get a box and mail it in the next few days. Lisa and Mark left one of Lisa's Garment tops too. I'll mail that also.

Well, got to go get back to work. Forgot to mention that we have made 4 trips to the DI bin already, and tomorrow isn't here yet!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

So Cal Jamboree

Here I am in Burbank at the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree. It's getting to be a bigger and more popular venue for genealogy today than it was in the past. The venders hall has some of the bigest variety of popular genealogy topics, books and software that remember seeing on a smaller conference. This is becoming one of the popular conferences in California. It happens every year about this time, and this year the classes have been very good. I have seen a lot of good friends that I have made through the years and it's fun to talk nothing but genealogy. I sure wish some of my family enjoyed this as much as I do, but I don't mind they don't. I get enough social interaction with my genealogy buddies.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Soapboax

I love to serve people, almost to the point, I never take time for myself. Case in point here goes. I AM the staff TRAINER (only) for the Orange Regional Family History Center, that in and of itself is almost a full time job. I have spend the last 3 days cleaning out and organizing my 'stuff' from the ORFHC that I use to make new Staff Training Notebooks for the new people. I'm down there most days of the week training.

Beth McCarty is the DIRECTOR
Caroline is the Staff Trainer.

It's not my job to be the first person every single staff member calls when something goes wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But thats exactly what happens. I get 3 to 4 calls a day sometimes about things that aren't my responsibility. "Caroline the internet doesn't work, what should be do?" "Caroline, I can't find this film, where should I look?", "Caroline, this patron needs to talk to you, I don't know what he's talking about...".

Today, I have just had it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not my job to find a substuitute for the entire 87 person staff when they can't make it! But, who do they call- Caroline! Today a guy who works on the Saturday 1-5 shift called into the Wednesday morning 9-1 shift and directed the person who answers the phone to call ME! There are 3 people to call before I am called! Why doen't they call their own subs? That's what I train them to do. Lucine Fox is the person who is in charge of subs.

Don't anyone just tell me to say NO! You can't say NO to some poor imbicile on the other end of the phone who doesn't have a lick of responsibility in their bones! I guess you get what you pay for, these are all volunteers, but so what, so am I.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's day to all the Fathers I love

Happy father's day to all the men who take fatherhood so seriously (an not so seriously), from my son Mark who is a daddy to his son Kamden. To......
My son-in-law, John Henderson who is a wonderful father to Caleb, Davis and Beckham. To---

My son, Brian who is a stupendous father to Ashlynn, Briggs and Tennyson. To.....
The Father of my children, Larry Lee Rober, the best father any child could have, just ask his own kids. Larry made our house a home. Last but not least to....

My father, who is still alive, but his mind is going. He wasn't all the father he could have been, but that wasn't totally his fault. I'm still glad he was my dad and I love all of you very much.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Babies, how I love em

Today I am babysitting Savannah, doesn't look like too hard a job. I'm typing and she is lying asleep in my office right next to me. I gave her a bottle about a half hour ago and she finished off the whole thing. I don't think I have heard her cry yet. I did have a jolt of de ja vu a little while ago, while I had her sit in the boppy chair, I looked over at her and I could have sworn I was looking at my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No joke either,
We went over to Marks the other day, and Kamden took a bath. Because his mom and dad keep his hair a little longer than a traditional little boy cut, it's hard to 'see' his little boy face. So, Lisa washed his hair and gave him a 'do' and now we can see the little person he is really starting to be. Don't get me wrong, I like his hair, I'm not suggesting his parents do anything about it, it's just my take on things.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Everyone needs a Daughter - Happy Birthday Lisa

June 16, 1978 was a most jouous day for me. We welcomed a beautiful daughter into our world. Lisa Ann Rober. She weighted 8 lbs 10 0z. Lisa's Birth was the only one I ever got to plan for. Both of our boys were total surprises, but Lisa was wanted!
Then, as she got older I was able to play 'dress up' with her. She looked really cute in all the clothes she had. My mother kept her in frilly dresses and I kept her hair styled really cute.
When she started school, I was pretty happy, as Lisa was very smart and opinonated. She wasn't the easiest of my children to raise, but she has always been the spark in our family!

Lisa in 1st Grade, Lincoln Elementary, Torrance, CA, Mrs. Oliver's class. She was smart! This is her 3rd Grade picture, she is starteing to loose teeth. Starting through the awkward stage of trying to be a girl, wanting to be a boy and caught in the middle!

This is her 8th Grade picutre. All the boys really liked Lisa, but she wouldn't have anyting to do with them. Most of Marks friends came around to see Lisa as well as Mark.

Here is her 11th Grade photo. She can really cook and dance. She used to go swing dancing with her girlfriends to Disneyland.

This is her graduation from Brea Olinda High School.
She took a trip to Romania, a two week European Train Tour,And then she graduated from BYU in Child Development. She is now married to the perfect man (for her) with three of the most beautiful children you will ever see. She can save $ like no one else! She is the blogger queen of my posting, and I love her with all my heart, she is the 'light of my life' and I mean that. Happy birthday sweetheart!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Brain never told me - Happy Father's Day

Brian nor Kate sent this little bitty thing to me. They probably didn't think I'd be interested or that it was bragging. How grateful that Susie Sokel, a lady I have been an acquaintance of for years through the school system. She went on to be fairly famous in Brea, I went into obscurity. She was kind enought, and smart enough to know Brian wouldn't have sent this to me, so she called the other day, asked for my address and said she saw this in a newspaper in SLO. She said that Brian was her banker and that he was a wonderful young man. He evidently fixed up a snafu that she had encountered on one of her properties up there, and she thinks he is the next best thing since sliced cheese, and so do I. I'm proud of my son, not just for his accomplishments, but for who he is, his kindness, his integrity, his willingness to serve the Lord. I'm most proud of his ability to be a GOOD husband and an even BETTER father. Hats off to every Father who makes a difference in the lives of their family this Fathers Day.

Monday, June 8, 2009

What it means to be a visiting teacher

Yesterday, I got a call from one of the ladies I visit teach. She had a problem with her computer, she had picked up a virus. Would, Could I come over and help her out.

So, today at 4:00 pm, I left the family history center in Orange and went to Estella's house. Sure enough, the computer was acting weird, but they could still get on the internet, just now use Microsoft Word. Every time they opend work, a black streak started on the right, and before you could do anything more, the whole screen started changing places, and graying out into muted colors, the cursor wouldn't work, and the whole computer just quit at that point.

Before I went into their home, I prayed. I always do that when I'm tring to understand a computer. I went out onto the internet and updated Avast antivirus- the free version. Then I noticed that something called memeo Sync Backup kept trying to install itself. Along with Washer and Web Root Spy ware, all trying to vie for the front seat in a start up! 5 hours later the computer finished the scan. Then I tried 4 different ways to uninstall this memeo junk, and it wouldn't uninstall! Oh, the virus scan did catch one suspicious file and 4 questionable ones, that I had it quarantine. Then I noticed they also had Norton Fix Tool on their computer. I finally found where that file was hiding and uninstalled it! So, she had 4 virus, anti spy software and none of them were updated. Through all of this she fed me a nice salad for dinner and nachos with homemade salsa. Still, it wasn't until 10:30 that I finally tried Word again and guess what? It works! I didn't do anything to word special, I just cleaned up the startup items that were interferring with each other. Still, Estella had family home evening, and the missionaries over for dinner, all during this time I am working on her computer. I know it was Heavenly Father who helped me, because I was teaching her 15 year old son, how to do maintenance on the computer. She keeps her computer under password protect every since her husband got into pornography. She didn't want her boys seeing that. So, she keeps a very tight eye on them, to the point that Ammon really didn't know much about computers except how to search the internet.

So, I guess I did my visiting teaching this month with Estelly.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sad news

My sister just called to tell me that our 41 year old cousin, Lucretia has died of a herion drug overdose. I think she lived in Michigan. I am sad.

What's really, really sad to me is that out of my Taber 1st cousins 3 have died of suspicious circumstances and drug overdoses.

All the cousins I now of:
Little Jim DeWitt
Joyce Lucretia Taber (they said she killed herself, but we think it was murder)
Melody Taber - married, no children
Donnie Taber - married, 2 kids, happy married, living in Sterling Heights, MI
Johnny Taber - Died of a drug overdose
Caroline Melissa Braxton - me, happy as a lark, with three kids and a happy marriage
Pamela Jaye Braxton - my sister, same as above
Darlene Ruth Taber- 4 marriage, but seems to be happy
Lucretia Taber - died of a drug overdose
Sherrie Taber - married, don't know where living, but had 3 beautiful daughters.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Face Book

Ok, I said I would never do Face book but Larry's LDS cousin invited me and now I have a face book page. I am not going to post on that what I post here though, so you can all feel safe (I think)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

North Carolina Remembered

This is Shirley and Howard Braxton, they are the couple who has the 'Bigg Bible' that belonged to William Braxton, Howard is my 4th Cousin once removed. They showed us all around the area and took us to all the 'Quaker" or Friends Meeting houses and to all the graveyards. Howard and his sister still own the home that his line of the family inherited.
This is John and Judy Braxton, they were the ones who knew all about the Braxton history. They were both born a Braxton, yep, a Braxton married a Braxton. They are 4th cousins 1 x removed just as I am to them. When you get Howard, Judy, John and I together, you are looking at all of us being related as 4th cousins 1 x removed. They don't have TV or a computer, so we just call each other, but I don't think anyone knows more of the family history than Judy knows!
This is me, standing in front of the Braxton Monument in the Friends Cemetery. When I went back there, it was amazing how much I felt apart of the family and the land. It was a really cool feeling of 'going home'. I wished my dad had it all together in his mind, because he would have loved to go and visit.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The aftermath of Traveling

OK, I'm excited to be home, but it's overwhelming! There is so much to do and sort and put away that I am totally discombobulated. I really don't know where to start. Since we got home early Sunday morning, I have been unpacking, fixing, refilling, organizing into piles, reading, errands, Thank you cards, pool parties, and I have already given two lectures since I got back. I'm quite sure I had more time when I had little kids running around the house. So, mothers, take heed, life only gets more hectic and your forget how to handle it when you get older.

On another note, for no apparent reason, I miss Shilo today. I miss him coming up to me, wagging his tail with his head down to get a pet. I miss his exuberance at the smallest of pleasures. I miss him 'bugging' me. I just plain miss MY doggie!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

North Carolina Travel Log Day 5

Today was a great day! Why, because I spent it in the 'Old Buncombe' Genealogcial Society Library while Larry Golfed with people from NY. I researched the whole day and they had 'make your own sandwich' makings for lunch so I didn't have to leave their library. It was as big as the ORFHC! The ladies were very knowledgable and kind.

After Larry came to pick me up we came back to the room, and then decided we had to do some laundry. Well, the laundry mat is one freeway ramp away, so we loaded the clothes in the car and went to see a movie. We say "Angels and Demons" and it was very good! If you get the chance, go see it, just close your eyes at the murder scenes- the first one is awful.

After the show, we went to the Laundry mat and started our wash, then walked down the little walk to a pizza place and had some pizza (we have had some very nice meals out and just felt like somthing not quite so filling tonight), after eating, we went back to the Laundry Mat and changed our clothes to the dryer and went back down the mall walk to the liquor store and got ice cream bars. Back to the Laundry and folded clothes. Now we are home and I'm not doing any more genealogy on this trip!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

North Carolina Travel Log day 4

Today we moved from Greensboro, NC to Asheville, NC. Home to the WARD genealogy (I hope) because this is for my client where I will try to prove once and for all, if the family came from Buncombe County, NC. Today I hit the Buncombe County Court House, and the Downtown Library.

Dad helped me a bit, and went to see the sights in the car. It's beautiful here because it's mountainous, it is right close to the Cumberland Gap. The weather was beautiful too, 75 degrees and no wind. We walked all over downtown. They still have a store with the Woolworth still intact, I at first thought they still had a working Woolworth store, but the just kept the facade and put tiny stores inside. This is really an artsy-fartsy kind of town.

Right outside of town is the "Biltmore" home, America's Largest Home. I hope Larry and I get to go tour it, it looks really beautiful in the photo's. Google it and you will see.

Tomorrow sounds like it will be a beautiful day too! I can't wait, I'm going to the Historical Society tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

North Carolina Travel Log Day 3

Well, did anyone ever say "Mom can't get enough of dead people"? If so, your wrong. I am now saturated. I have 4 books, hundreds of stories and videos to prove I have been 'home'. Today we went to Guilford College where I had a relative named Dr. Algie Newlin who was a History Professor there for many years and he used to write to me in the 1970's. I still have those letters in my file. While in the research room, I found another distant relative related to me through the Lindley line. If your Quaker, you just might be related to your own daddy!

Then we went and got my photo taken at at a street sign named BRAXTON Lane. We went back and met with Judy and John Braxton where John told stories and Judy and Larry played the Dulcimer's. That is a type of musical instament. It's so fun to find a relative on ever corner.

Monday, May 18, 2009

North Carolina Travel Log day 2

Today was a great day. Larry and I went to North Carolina University Chapel Hill where I did some research for Sara Ward, my client.

Then we went to Duke University and WOW what a compass. After that we went to visit with John and Judy Braxton. John Braxton married Judy Braxton. So they are double Braxtons. Sounds like my Taber's doesn't it??? Well, because they are from William Braxton also, they have TONS of stuff to share, I don't know if I will ever catch up! Anyway, it's late and I need to get to bed now, but look for an update tomorrow!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

North Carolina Travel Log, day 1

Today, we got up and lookie looed through North Carolina University at Chapel Hill. Pretty impressive.

Then we drove out to meet and spend the day with my 4th cousin, 1x removed. I had never met him before, but it was really nice. For a 73 year old guy, his is pretty good looking and so is his wife. His name is Howard T. Braxton, born and raised in NC along with all the relatives of our Braxton Ancestors.
First of all, he has in his possession the first and original land grant issued to our William Braxton in 1756 from John of Carteret Lord Grandville. That was really cool. Then Howard and his wife (Shirly) took us around and showed us where everyone had lived, took us to 3 Quaker Churches that all had graveyards of our family and we could go into the churchs and look around because they don't lock up the Churchs around here!

He took us out to the home (that is no longer lived in), that he grew up in and as we went from room to room, I was flabbergasted at all the antiques they had in there that were worth a small fortune! OK, then to top it all off, he opened a trunk and pulled out a Bible that we at first though might have belonged to our earliest ancestor, William Braxton, b: abt 1721, m: 1744 d:1771. Well, it wasn't and had no date page in the front. It was in terrible shape, but really old, so we thought it could be a possibility. But then his wife pulled out a white trash bag from under the bed and said look at this. Well, it was a bible too, about 14" high and 8" wide. It had a cover on it and it looked and felt old. I said it was a special bible but no markings in that Bible either. So we kept poking around and then we took it home to their house, after we went out to dinner and I had a great dinner.
It turns out this IS the "Bigg Bible" as William refered to it in his will which I found in the NC Archives this week. In his will, he states "and I leave my Bigg Bible to my son Thomas. No one seemed to know where it was. But as we opened it up and started looking at it in the light, well, on the front cover, very, very faint it reads: ...son Wm Braxton 15 of June 1742! I squelled in delight when I read this date, because before this someone had said that they had a bible they thought belonged to William, but couldn't have because the date of publication was 1776. Then on the back cover it said: "Thomas Braxton, left to him by his father in the year 1772". So, we solved the proplem of "Where was the Bigg Bible?" I love the Holy Ghost.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

North Carolina

Here I am at the Raleigh Convention center and loving it. I have an ancestor that I am researching and trying to find his parents; His name is William BRAXTON, the planter. He was born about 1721, married 1744 in Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, Deleware and died 1771 in Chatham, NC. I have already found his original Will and 3 more land grants that I didn't know about.

I miss my honey, but he is coming after the conference and joining me where we will go and see my long lost 4th Cousin, Howard BRAXTON, who is about 70, and still lives on the land originally obtained by William Braxton from Lord Granville in 1763.

I will also visit a possible relative for my client who still lives in Buncombe County, NC about her WARD line. This lady is named Doris Ward and she is 90. I sure hope she can tell me how this WARD line connects together because otherwise, I'm kinda stuck and my client really wants me to find out WHO her relatives are and put them in the correct order, well, I'm trying because I keep making connections. Between BRAXTON and WARD, I'm not lacking in anything to do.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This is for all the mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and woman who will someday be a mother and every female on earth who has nurtured anybody at all anytime. God Bless You!

The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world!

To one who bears the sweetest name,
And adds a luster to the same,
Who shares my joys,
Who cheers when sad,
The greatest friend I ever had.

Long Life to her for there's no other
Can take the place of my dear Mother.

I'm grateful to have been a mother and now a grandmother. I'm grateful for my own mother and the grandmother who nurtured me into the kind of person I always wanted to be. I hope the legacy I leave will be as profound on my posterity as my grandmother's influence was on me.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My New Recorder & my pretty blog

Well, after the Priesthood Blessing, I haven't had a nightmare since. Anyone with nightmares or nigh terrors should get a Priesthood Blessing, it works!

Brian and Kate gave me an Ipod recording devise that works with my Ipod and it is truly amazing and wonderful! It was the easiest device I have ever used. I am having fun with it and I will soo learn how to add audio to my blog, then watch out! Thank you so much Brian and Kate for the wonderful little devise! I am thinking of a million ways to use it too! Now I have to go have some fun with it. It's a perfect little birthday and mother's day give. Thank you, Thank you. And while I'm at it, Thank you to Lisa for making my blog look descent and interesting. I don't think I would blog if she didn't get my hind end out of a few pickles. She truly saves my sanity when it comes to blog sense.

Monday, May 4, 2009


It's not funny. For the first time in my life I am having real, honest to goodness, body chilling nightmares! I have had nightmares for 3 nights in a row and this morning at 4:30 I woke up after a nightmare where Larry and I were stalked by some murderers! When I finally woke up every nerve in my body was on fire! I was so scared and messed up! When Larry work up this morning I told him about the nightmares and he gave me a priesthood blessing. Let's hope tonight will be better. I don't know how many more sleepless nights I can have without having a nervous breakdown!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rober Hotel back in Business!

Last night I got a call from my sister, Pamela. She is in Hawaii and has been for 2 weeks. It seems she got a call because my dad was MISSING! The Police found him at 1:00 am sitting in Denny's drinking coffee. Pam didn't call me until they had found him. I guess he tells her he is lonly.
So, today, Larry and I drove out to Palm Desseret and retreived good old Grandpa. He is now staying with us until Sunday, just so he won't be lonly.
I had just finished washing the sheet to the guest bedroom from our last guests, so I put them right back on for the next round.
If you are planning on staying at the Rober Hotel anytime soon, I suggest you call in for reservations first, you never know how full we will be.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

I am taking a 'break' now. I have nothing important to say except when I get stressed, I read your blogs and comments and it renews my faith in humans.

This is the least busy week Larry and I have had in several months. Good and Bad. I am now back to typing the 'book' that I said I would retype. A bit more than I thought it would be. So I just spent about 5 hours reading, typing, correcting, re-editing and ugh, I needed a break!

Now, if I can just get my mind back onto my clients genealogy I will be doing well. That project I will work on tomorrow. One project a day and I have 2 going at the moment. So, every other day is as boring as the other one. I have a bad attitude right now, sorry. I'm on page 29 of this 209 page book. I don't think I will ever finish, but I committed myself and so I must perservere. Thanks for letting me rant.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I am 57 years old. I feel pretty good for an old lady. I'm "working" now and making some money. Today I am cleaning my house. Tonight, I will pick up Larry from LAX, he has been in Texas. Tomorrow night we will go out to dinner for my birthday celebration. I was going to order some clothes from Lands end, but on Monday, Larry had to call out an air conditioner guy because our Air didn't work. We spent $11,000 of our retirement on a new Air condition/Heater system. So I won't be buying anything. And tomorrow we will go to Black Angus because we have a 2 for 1 coupon.

I thought about why I used to let my kids have a 'free from work' birthday. I made it a habit that they never had to do any work at home on their birthdays. I guess it was always something I wanted in my own life. Growing up, I never remember a day when I wasn't cleaning the house or making dinner. I felt like a slave growing up and although it was my job to teach my kids how to work, and every child will think they are slaves if their moms make them work, I wanted them to feel like a queen or king at least once a year on their special day.

Once in a while my kids would try to do that for me, but I could never really enjoy it very much because of all the guilt I would feel. So, I'm back to cleaning and washing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two Weeks of Grandma hood- loving every minute

Let me tell you about the last two weeks of my hectic life! We had the best time with our kids and their families. I have to say I'm a bit tuckered out now, but it was all worth it.

First our Daughter Lisa came home with her family and I took Caleb to Disneyland by himself because he was 5 years old. I did that with my kids and vowed to do it with my grandkids. Caleb and I had a good time and we went on Buzz Lightyear 3 or 4 times I can't remember, but we did Star Tours twice.
Then Brian came with his family and that was a blast because of all the grandkids getting together, they are so much the same age and can really have fun together. They love throwing balls at Grandpa!

Then I took Briggs to Disneyland and now I know I'm getting old! But we did Buzz 4 times and Start Tours 4 times, and by now grandma is pretty done with Star Tours! I'm getting better at Buzz though.

Mark came late Friday night with his family and Kamden is getting so cute! We don't have enough beds, so we get Mark and family a bed at a bed and breakfast type of place.
They didn't come early enough for Kam to dye Easter Eggs with us, but we all had a good time anyway!

Saturday Morning the kids all hunted for Easter eggs. That was a hoot!

Larry is always proud of his boys (does he know who really raised them to be such good men?)

My sister and her whole family came over and we had an adult Easter Egg hunt which put me and Pam back a couple of hundred dollars, but it was really fun to see our kids act young again, and believe me they did!
I never thought I would see Matthew with any baby in his arms, let alone two!!!!!
Sometime during the time they were all here they swam in the pool, had a bonfire in our new firepit, went to the Sports Park where it looked like the boys raced like boys and then they used their kids as bats for a soccer ball!
They rode bikes, can't you see Davis keeping up with everyone else on two wheels and him on 3? Too cute for words!
and we Blessed Beckham on Sunday. Brian stayed with his family and their friends Joe and Brook Brundige came down for a visit and they took over our house for the rest of the week while Larry and I went to Pams Palm Springs home to relax!

The really surprising thing is that we came home to a very clean house! We love sharing time with family and sharing our house with friends. Thank you all for such a wonderful time.