Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Can I do anything right?

Linda and Denny, Larry's sister and husband are here for the Rose Parade. They came in yesterday and the Bishop sent me with a hand drawn map to the Long Beach Airport to pick them up. It was dark. So, I drove there OK and picked them up on time, but coming home was a nightmare, attimately it was my fault. There were no directions on the map as to N or S or E or W. So, when we went back to get on the freeway, I didn't know which way to take, so Linda suggested we go North. (it was the wrong way) and we ended up in Torrance on Artesia Blvd. I finally got on the 91, took the carpool lane and made it to the 57 N. However, I wasn't paying attention, and passed Lambert exit, so I went on to Diamond Bar Blvd, where I turned around. Bottom line, I can't drive well.
Larry criticizes me when I drive too.
Today he criticized how I park.
He told me to get him a sign for his door, and he wasn't very nice at telling me he doesn't like what I made for him. I didn't save the receipt from Sears so he could see how much I paid for his clothes, so when he took them back with the gift receipts, they gave him a lousy time and he ended up paying some. I screw up names on signs. I pass gas at the wrong time. Then I get an email from my oldest son telling me that I am scaring his kids by telling them about the state of our Country. Well, I'm passionate too, and right about now I'm so passionate that I'm about to throw up with all the criticism coming my way. Just everybody back off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone! Here is the Bishop and I on Christmas morning waiting at the top of the stairs just like we always made the kids do. It was fun. I don't think I have ever grown up when it comes to Christmas. I love decorating, giving gifts, receiving gifts, the lights, the busy stores, the cars looking at our lights, walking and being amazed that our neighborhood goes all out every year. Christmas time makes me feel ALIVE and I love that feeling, when it seems the world is right for just a little while. I keep a positive attitude during this time of year, and it never seems to get me down.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I have nothing to do!

Well, here it is December 21st and I'm pretty much bored. Gifts are done and given. Cookies are cooked and delivered. Christmas letter is written, but not addressed yet, but I have no desire to do it anymore. So, I go onto the blogs hoping that I will get some stimulating information about my grand kids, but Lisa is the only one with any time or desire to post anything. My husband is now in meetings most of the time, or if not, watching football. That's not my thing. I should clean up my office, or the garage, but my hip hurts and I don't feel like it. No, I'm not depressed, just venting some feelings I have at this moment. There really is a lot to do, I just don't feel like it. Tomorrow I go back in for my 3rd and last Epidural for my pinched sciatica nerve. The wind is cold and wreaking havoc on my outside Christmas decorations too. Maybe I'll just go to bed. Good idea, good night.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The 4th Wiseman- Bishop Rober

As you can see, a few changes have taken place around here. Last Sunday Larry became the Placentia 2nd Bishop, our children were here for our early Christmas get together and he played the part as a wiseman the day after our kids left. I think he makes a pretty cute wiseman. The costume was borrowed from Joe France in the Brea Wards and it was a beautiful piece of work. In fact I have never felt or seen fabric like this before in my life. I must get out more.