Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Don't panic, there really isn't a fire.

I have suspected that for 33+ years of marriage, Larry IS Caroline deaf. It's so sad when you think you are going to spend the rest of eternity with someone who doesn't listen to you, or even acknowledge you.

When Larry talks to me, even across the house, I try to acknowledge him by saying something like: OK, really, your kidding, mmmm..., wow, thanks for letting me know, I'm sorry about that, what are you going to do?... the list is endless. Even if I can't think of something to say, I grunt, or go mmmm, or uh, huh.

Not so my husband. I was talking to him about something important to me today when he went off into the other room. It wasn't a real heart to heart conversation, so it was OK for him to wander. But I keep talking and then I ask a very important question and..................................I ask a very important question and.........................................I ask a very important question louder and......................then I yelled FIRE! You should have seen him come running! So, I guess I am destined to find my very imortant outlet for talking to the women I know. Or, my Bishop, but he is just like Larry and doesn't know how to "bounce the conversation back and forth''. Maybe it's just that most men are that way, but I have actually met some who were not. Why couldn't I have fallen in love with one of those?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Baking

Well, I always wondered how it would feel to bake goodies all day long. Today I did it! In anticipation of a big party here tomorrow with Mark, Lisa, Kamden, Pam, Rick, Kelly, Brian, Matt, the Mitchell family including Kevin and family. I am so excited I baked the following goodies: My Chocolate Chip Cookies, Skor Cookies, Peppermint Bark, Chocolate Fudge with nuts, Chocolate fudge with nuts and heath bar bottom, Rum Cake and Almond Roca, which is the only thing that didn't turn our exactly right! The rest is delicious!

I sure wish all my kids could have come home, but I know it's impossible and I do understand.

I have never been with: No children, No Grandchildren, No shopping left to do, No wrapping to do, and nowhere to go, so I guess it was time to try my hand at some things I have wanted to do for years, but never had the time or energy to do! Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!

I just wanted to whet your appetite and brag, it is delicious, even if I say so myself!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I got this in an e-mail today and thought it was so pertinent to what has happened to us Grandmas since my grandmother's time. Enjoy this and I can just imagine what your poem will be like when you are all grandparents!

Grandma Today
In the dim and distant past,
When life's tempo wasn't so fast,
Grandma used to rock and knit,
Crochet, tat and baby sit.

When the kids were in a jam,
They could always call on Gram.
But today she's in the gym
Exercising to keep slim.

She's checking the web or surfing the net,
Sending some e-mail or placing a bet.
Nothing seems to stop or block her,
Now that Grandma's off her rocker.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Time is my favorite Time of Year

Now that we are grand childless, we feel it our duty to celebrate each day of the week with another party at our house! Monday night we will be having the P4 Singles Ward over for a Christmas Karaoke Celebration, complete with homemade Chili, cornbread, hot chocolate and lots of goodies that I baked.

That's right, I have WANTED to bake and cook this year. So far, my culinary talents have featured Homemade Rum Cake (mmm...delicious), Caroline's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, Fudge, Skor Bit Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Cakes, and let's see what I can get into tomorrow! I have some candy cane chips that I don't know what to do with. Does anyone have a good receipe for 'Bark'?

And you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get through our neighborhood now! We have always been known for our lights, and this year we even got a letter from the Brea City Council telling us how much they appriciate our Christmas Decorations. So much so, that they are scheduling the Brea Trolly to make 3 nightly tours through our neighborhood! Don't you think someone would give us a break on taxes then?

Well, have a great season and please feel free to come on over for some good food, good conversation and good fun!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Especially for LIsa and John

I got a call today from Lisa in tears, she requested some photo's of her kiddos. I understand how that feels. When Mark was a baby, I got put on bed rest and the Relief Society came and took my kids for 3 weeks. By the time I had all the rest I needed, I was stir crazy missing my kids! So, here is a video, and a couple of pictures. Since my blogs don't act the way I want them too, I will explain first. Video taken at Brian and Kate's home on Thanksgiving, even Kam is doing it! Second photo is of Ty and Davis on the jungle jim at the park while at Thanksgiving. The last photo is of Grandpa today, after dinner, bath time, then it's time for a little Super Y television to unwind with. We love these sweet boys and think they are just as sweet as they can be. Caleb got a letter from Santa today too, and he has been jazzed ever since. Way to go Santa.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Eternal Anniversary Family

Today is November 23, 2008. On November 23, 1990 we were sealed in the Los Angeles Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for Time and all Eternity. What a joy that day was for me. I hope it gave each of you who are sealed to me the same joy and satisfaction of knowing that we will never, ever be alone again. Families are for sharing, helping, encouraging, understanding and learning. I love you all more today than I have ever loved you before. May God Bless each and every one of you and your families which are our families too.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Creative Kiddos

Well, we have brought Caleb and Davis home with us for a little while. They were good boys in the car for the most part, unless they were hungry.

After we got home, Grandma had to go to her Genealogy Center to teach a class and serve her shift, which left Grandpa home alone to put the boys to bed. When I got home from the Center, I found that Caleb had made a creation that was above what I thought would be standard for his age. See what you think?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Helping out Girly

This last week I have been in St. George, UT, helping out Lisa and John and the boys. This ol' grma aint as young as she used to be, but I'm still keeping up with the boys. Caleb is really getting mature, although he still has a hard time sharing his match box cars. It must be the same training the men got because men act the same way with the remote control to the TCV.

Davis, is still a charmer, and he reminds me so much of Lisa as a young child. Need I say more? Well, some of you didn't know Lisa as a small child. She was a charmer, and cute as a bug, very loveable, but then there is the side that exactly mimic's every move his older brother makes. When you restrain him in any way, force him to do anything he doesn't want to do, say no to anything he want, then you have a regular 'throw yourself on the ground, kick with all your might, lash out with your hand to hit anything within reach, and glower at you with a look that says it all'- you skum bag who do you think your fooling with?

Now on the bright side. When Davis get's called on to say the prayer, then Caleb is asked to help him. So they bow their heads, and Caleb says "Dear" and Davis repeats "Dear", then Caleb goes on in one word or maybe two words, and Davis repeates the entire thing. Well, it's just the cutest experience to see this!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

American Patriotism or Loyality

Today, we have a new President elect, Barack Obama. I didn't vote for him, but now that he is our president elect of the USA, I will stand beside and behind him. Since I believe that God is watching over us, and knows more than we do, I have faith that he knows what Senator Obama will do or not do in the United States White House and I will leave it up to our Heavenly Father.

If I have badmouthed a US President in the past, I hope I will be forgiven. I will not badmouth a president now. I have too much respect for this office, and the people have spoken. Unfortunately, President Bush took a bad rap during his tenure in the White House. I have friends that have lamblasted "Bush and all his failed policies", and it hurt me. I may not always have agreed with his decisions, but I never talked bad about the man.

Now, lets see what Barack Obama can do. No one can blame the 'Republicans' for problems that come up now. Lets all watch carefully to see what this new Democratic President can do with the new Democratic Senate and house. You would think he could get things done, I hope the Republicans will work with him, much unlike the Democrats worked with President Bush.

I am still worried about Prop 8. ABC news will not call that proposition passed, even though the Associated Press has called it. ABC goes on to report all the legal finagling that is transpiring to overturn Prop 8. Let's use a bit of common sense, as Ben Franklin used to say. Isn't a government by the people and for the people, a democracy? In other words our Constitution protects the majority from being ruled by the minority. Since we passed this amendment to our California Constitution, the people have spoken. THEY SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO OVERTURN THE BALLOT ON"UNCONSTITUTIONAL" GROUNDS, SINCE THAT MEANS THAT THEY WOULD TAKE AWAY OUR CONSTITUTION IN FAVORING THE MINORITY OVER THE MAJORITY. There, I've said my peace and I feel better.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A New Additional Calling

Happy Fast Sunday, I got a new calling. I didn't loose my Family History Calling, but I was sort of bored in just going to classes each Sunday and not serving, when I knew I was a good teacher.

So, I prayed about it and told the Bishop that if he had any need of me, but to remember that I still held my calling as a Regional Family History Trainer, but I could possible do something on Sundays if he had need of me. So, last night I got a call from Brother Bailey and he asked me to meet with him about 15 minutes before Church, that he had a calling for me. I won't hold you in suspense any longer, I was called to be the CTR 5 year old teacher and I am really excited about it. I have 4 little boys, all smart as whips, and I told them I had 2 grandsons that were 5 and when I showed them Caleb and Briggs photos, they were impressed.
I just want to say that I love the Lord. I believe in Christ and am so glad that he watchs out for our families. I'm grateful to be able to serve in the capacity of Primary and Family History, which happen to be the gifts He has given me and now I can serve with all my heart, mind, might and strength for as long as He wants me to. I love my family very much also, and want all my grandchildren to know how much I admire and love them.
On a sadder note, I have lost my notes that say what callings in the Church I have had and when I got them. For years, I was writing down each time me or Lary or one of my children got a call, but now it's gone for me. Larry still has his, but I have lost mine. If anyone of my kids can look at their PAF files and see if under my notes, I have that listed, I would be eternall grateful. I'm hearsick at loosing that piece of information. I thought I was so careful, but alas, no one is infallible, especially me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

7 Random Facts about myself

I was tagged by Lisa Henderson to post the 7 most random facts I can think of...Well.

1. At one time I was a computer nerd. In 1995 I didn't know how to turn on a computer. Then I got called to be the Technical Cooridinator for the Orange Regional Family History Center in Orange in 1998. From 1998-2003 I was tearing down computers and re-building new ones out of the parts. I know it was a gift from Heavenly Father because now that I have a different calling, I can't remember how to reformat my own computer!

2. I ran away from home the first time at age 11. I continuted to do that throughout my teenage years.

3. I experienced my first episode of depression when I was 2 years old.

4. Without the technology of advanced equipment, I knew secretly that Brian would be a boy, Lisa a girl and Mark a boy. It was in the way I carried them.

5. I grew up healthy by the home remedies my grandmother and mother made and used on me.

6. I still remember Dr. House calls. My Dr. was Dr. Hodes in San Bernardino, and he carried a little black bag.

7. I attended Caroline Leonetti Modeling school for a year in 1969.

Hope these are random enough for you.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Brian and Kelly Rogers Sealing Day

A Banner Day for the Rogers Family. Kelly took out her endowments today and was sealed to Brian at 4:00 pm in the Newport Beach Temple. Brian's Mom and Dad were there, Uncle Larry and I were there, Bishop & Sister Rooney, and to our surprise Cammy Rooney flew in just for the occasion. Mark Rober also drove 2 hours just to be there. It was wonderful to see all the friends Brian and Kelly have made in their ward also attend! I'm so proud of them and wish them all the love and best wishes in the world.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The reason for the new blog

My old blog was acting very wierd. Even Lisa Henderson, my alter ego who takes care of my wallpaper, thought it was acting weird. So, welcome to everyone and a HUGE thank you to Lisa for taking care of her mother- turn around is fair play!
Welcome to my new blog!