Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rober Hotel back in Business!

Last night I got a call from my sister, Pamela. She is in Hawaii and has been for 2 weeks. It seems she got a call because my dad was MISSING! The Police found him at 1:00 am sitting in Denny's drinking coffee. Pam didn't call me until they had found him. I guess he tells her he is lonly.
So, today, Larry and I drove out to Palm Desseret and retreived good old Grandpa. He is now staying with us until Sunday, just so he won't be lonly.
I had just finished washing the sheet to the guest bedroom from our last guests, so I put them right back on for the next round.
If you are planning on staying at the Rober Hotel anytime soon, I suggest you call in for reservations first, you never know how full we will be.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

I am taking a 'break' now. I have nothing important to say except when I get stressed, I read your blogs and comments and it renews my faith in humans.

This is the least busy week Larry and I have had in several months. Good and Bad. I am now back to typing the 'book' that I said I would retype. A bit more than I thought it would be. So I just spent about 5 hours reading, typing, correcting, re-editing and ugh, I needed a break!

Now, if I can just get my mind back onto my clients genealogy I will be doing well. That project I will work on tomorrow. One project a day and I have 2 going at the moment. So, every other day is as boring as the other one. I have a bad attitude right now, sorry. I'm on page 29 of this 209 page book. I don't think I will ever finish, but I committed myself and so I must perservere. Thanks for letting me rant.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I am 57 years old. I feel pretty good for an old lady. I'm "working" now and making some money. Today I am cleaning my house. Tonight, I will pick up Larry from LAX, he has been in Texas. Tomorrow night we will go out to dinner for my birthday celebration. I was going to order some clothes from Lands end, but on Monday, Larry had to call out an air conditioner guy because our Air didn't work. We spent $11,000 of our retirement on a new Air condition/Heater system. So I won't be buying anything. And tomorrow we will go to Black Angus because we have a 2 for 1 coupon.

I thought about why I used to let my kids have a 'free from work' birthday. I made it a habit that they never had to do any work at home on their birthdays. I guess it was always something I wanted in my own life. Growing up, I never remember a day when I wasn't cleaning the house or making dinner. I felt like a slave growing up and although it was my job to teach my kids how to work, and every child will think they are slaves if their moms make them work, I wanted them to feel like a queen or king at least once a year on their special day.

Once in a while my kids would try to do that for me, but I could never really enjoy it very much because of all the guilt I would feel. So, I'm back to cleaning and washing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two Weeks of Grandma hood- loving every minute

Let me tell you about the last two weeks of my hectic life! We had the best time with our kids and their families. I have to say I'm a bit tuckered out now, but it was all worth it.

First our Daughter Lisa came home with her family and I took Caleb to Disneyland by himself because he was 5 years old. I did that with my kids and vowed to do it with my grandkids. Caleb and I had a good time and we went on Buzz Lightyear 3 or 4 times I can't remember, but we did Star Tours twice.
Then Brian came with his family and that was a blast because of all the grandkids getting together, they are so much the same age and can really have fun together. They love throwing balls at Grandpa!

Then I took Briggs to Disneyland and now I know I'm getting old! But we did Buzz 4 times and Start Tours 4 times, and by now grandma is pretty done with Star Tours! I'm getting better at Buzz though.

Mark came late Friday night with his family and Kamden is getting so cute! We don't have enough beds, so we get Mark and family a bed at a bed and breakfast type of place.
They didn't come early enough for Kam to dye Easter Eggs with us, but we all had a good time anyway!

Saturday Morning the kids all hunted for Easter eggs. That was a hoot!

Larry is always proud of his boys (does he know who really raised them to be such good men?)

My sister and her whole family came over and we had an adult Easter Egg hunt which put me and Pam back a couple of hundred dollars, but it was really fun to see our kids act young again, and believe me they did!
I never thought I would see Matthew with any baby in his arms, let alone two!!!!!
Sometime during the time they were all here they swam in the pool, had a bonfire in our new firepit, went to the Sports Park where it looked like the boys raced like boys and then they used their kids as bats for a soccer ball!
They rode bikes, can't you see Davis keeping up with everyone else on two wheels and him on 3? Too cute for words!
and we Blessed Beckham on Sunday. Brian stayed with his family and their friends Joe and Brook Brundige came down for a visit and they took over our house for the rest of the week while Larry and I went to Pams Palm Springs home to relax!

The really surprising thing is that we came home to a very clean house! We love sharing time with family and sharing our house with friends. Thank you all for such a wonderful time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My cute Grandkids....

Friday, April 10, 2009

A happy house full of rug rats

Our kids have been arriving today. It is so fun to see the cousins interact with each other and the daughter & daughters-in-law talk so much about every subject under the sun!

The kids dyed hard boiled eggs and are pretty excited for the Easter egg hund in the morning. I think I'm just as excited!

Today, the kids swam in the Jacuzzi, but Ashlynn, Briggs and Caleb, didn't stay in it, they went straight for the cold pool and swam for 5 hours! They were prunes when they got out for supper.

I fixed my famous 'Mac & Cheese', cole slaw and steamed baby carrots. It was a pretty good dinner, even if I say so myslef.