Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mt. Rushmore Trip

We got to Keystone, South Dakota about 5 pm tonight. Just long enough to see it was a cute, touristy little town. We stopped to eat, after we checked into the Super 8 motel, at a place called Ruby's, decorated up as an old fashioned Brothel, we had ribs and they were delicious.

Then we heard about a Rainger Program located at the Ranger station below Mt. Rushmore, so we went. Its a beautiful place, They had a 10 minute talk, then a 20 minute movie on the 4 presidents who are carved into the mountain. At the end of the program, they invited all Vetrans who were in the audience to come up on stage to help lower the American Flag. Thats The picture below.
This next photo is of all the Veterans who were in attendance.
After the movie finished, they light up the mountain, so, here is a photo of Mt. Rushmore at night, pretty cool!


Lisa said...

Looks awesome and what a great way to honor veterans!

SoCal Rogers said...

So Cool! I have always wanted to go see Mt. Rushmore. It's on my Bucket List. How many days do you think is necessary to really get there see it and get back?

Larry said...

@ days, but there is so much more yo see! I'll tell when we see you.

SLO Rober said...

Way cool. Glad you guys are having so much fun.

Sara said...

That is awesome. I probably would have cried while the veterans went up and with the lighting of Mt. Rushmore. I visited there a long time ago as a girl. Hopefully can take my kids someday.